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Thailand: Military ‘suspends’ class struggle | Green Left Weekly


The Thai military marked its second month in power by unilaterally imposing an Interim Charter giving the military chieftain heading up the junta, euphemistically named the “National Council for Peace and Order” (NCPO), the power to issue any decree to “preserve public peace and order”.

The military reigns supreme at present. It has crushed the spontaneous demonstrations that met its seizure of power on May 22. It has also repressed individual protests against its rule, like reading George Orwell’s 1984, flashing the three-finger sign of resistance from the Hunger Games, or appropriating and disseminating the McDonald’s logo as a symbol of democracy. 

Scores of political activists have been summoned for intensive questioning, and those who have not heeded the order have been issued arrest warrants.   

“Returning happiness to the people” is the theme cultivated by Army Chief General Prayuth Chan-ocha, and what the Bangkok Post describes as the junta’s “happiness extravaganza” is meant to exorcise the bitter political conflict that engulfed Thailand over the past decade. 

Free haircuts, free concerts, free FIFA World Cup telecasts and free movie tickets have been part of the NCPO’s charm offensive.



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